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  • LaBlast Fitness Episode 1

    LaBlast® Fitness, created by Emmy-nominated choreographer & DWTS pro, Louis van Amstel, is a dance fitness program based on all of the ballroom dances you see on Dancing with the Stars. It is partner-free, includes all components of fitness, and uses music from every era & genre.

  • Tina Gerova - Legs And Feet

  • Dance Workout

    Up your dancing skills with this Dance Workout!

  • Arm Styling w/ Ryan & Danelle


    Ryan & Danelle Lockhart introduce you to different types of arm styling to bring your dancing to life!

  • Dance Talk with Nadia & Marina

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    Nadia Eftedal is an internationally recognized champion-level dancer and Adjudicator with an exceptional portfolio of awards and titles. She began her dancing career at the age of eight in Hollywood, California and throughout her Junior, Amateur and early Professional years, Nadia competed in bot...

  • Tony Dovolani - Mambo

    Tony Dovolani was born in Prishtina, Kosova and began folk dancing at age three. He was 15 years old when he and his family moved to the United States. At age 17, he began ballroom lessons at a Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Connecticut and knew he had found his passion. Six months later, he began ...

  • Four Pillars of Strength

    Martin is an experienced Technique Specialist, Competitive Trainer and Mind Coach for Professionals, Amateurs and Students, in addition to being a Lecturer, Choreographer and world-class Adjudicator. Martin has competed and taught all over the world, at every level of dance. He has officiated in ...

  • Total Body Workout with Barre


    Barre workouts are a great way to get the long lean look that is typically associated with a Pilates guru or a dancer’s body. For this LBWYD workout with Raemarie Kimura, you won't need the tutu or the ballet barre; you can do this one with items that you have around the house. Time to get moving...

  • 3 Dances in 10 Minutes - Rhythm

  • The Secret To Arm Styling

  • Understanding Frame In Smooth Dancing

    Olga was born in Novokuznetsk, Russia and studied ballet and gymnastics before starting Ballroom dancing in 1978. Over these years she’s danced at more than 500 Dance Sport Championships. Olga is currently a Long Island NY Area Franchise Developer, and an Owner and Manager of the Fred Astaire Dan...

  • What & How To Practice - For Beginners

  • 3 Dances in 10 Minutes - Smooth

  • Arm Styling with Household Items

  • Cuban Motion with Household Items

  • Get Off That Couch - Dance Workout

  • Improve Your Leading Techniques

  • Tango Straight Up

    Absolutely Brilliant, Funny & Educational!
    Blackpool Finalist Christine Harvey and Istvan Cserven talk about the Tango. Christine is a Blackpool Finalist, an official United States NDCA and World Class Adjudicator, and Trustee of the USISTD.

  • Control, Balance & Harmony

    Marina is equally strong in coaching in all styles of Dance Sport, for dancers of all levels. She is particularly interested in dance fundamentals, the articulation of the body, and developing an understanding of the mechanics of anatomy. She also enjoys assisting dancers in developing their own ...

  • Lifts & Lines

    Anastasia was born in Perm, Russia. She started ballroom dancing at the age of 5, and was part of the formation team “Circle of Friends.” She went on to become 5-Time Russian Champion, and represented Russia in the European and World Championships. She moved to the United States in 1998 and becam...

  • Leg Weight Awareness

    Being a well-recognized coach within the Fred Astaire Dance Studios Organization, Christina Penatello Hansen enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge of dance and business with professionals and amateurs of all ages. With over 30 years of dance experience, she is able to teach the newest dancer a...